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As a current Cambridge student willing to share your experience of the university, you can have a huge impact on the outlooks of sixth formers as they come to make some of the biggest decisions of their lives. Join this initiative to help inspire and inform school students’ higher education choices – pay their schools a visit and place Cambridge on their horizons!

By becoming a volunteer for the Target Scheme, you can use this website to…
  • Access resources such as presentations, pictures and information to use during school visits
  • Sign up to training sessions and receive guidance
  • View schools in your area – we’ll even advise you on which are most in need of a visit!
  • See if schools have requested a visit through the website
  • Plan, record and give feedback on school visits – you can also join forces with other student volunteers visiting schools local to you!

So sign up and enjoy all this website has to offer. School visits show prospective applicants that making it to Cambridge is possible: you, a local student, got in and you’re enjoying it so much you’re willing to return and spread the word. You can be a great role model and a font of insight and information to those who need it – this campaign will support you. Have fun!

If you are a Schools Liaison Officer, please fill out the form but tick the ‘I am a Schools Liaison Officer’ box in order to conceal all irrelevant fields. Please type in any postcode from within one of your college’s link areas.

Sign up as a Volunteer

Access Officer

Lily Rose Sharry

Email: access@cusu.cam.ac.uk
Tel: 01223 761693

Downloadable resources

I love getting involved in access not only in order to give to others what helped me, but also because when I see sixth formers roaming around the university, it takes me back, and gives me that same fluttering thrill in my stomach.

Natasha, current undergraduate

I think school students need to interact with actual Cambridge students – many are cynical about what they're told by admissions tutors, so talking to Cambridge students feels much more honest and real… It's a really rewarding experience and it feels great to see a first-hand impact.

Eireann, current undergraduate