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Prospective Students

There are lots of current Cambridge students who would love to tell you all about what life is like at this university. If you’d like a student to visit your school, ask your teacher to fill out this form! If you’d like some more information about being a student at Cambridge, check out our Alternative Prospectus or the Admissions Office’s Undergraduate study website).

You can also find out about our annual CUSU Shadowing Scheme, which brings more than 300 year 12 (or equivalent) and mature students to Cambridge over three weekends in January and February to live in a Cambridge College and 'shadow' a current undergraduate student. There are many ways you can find out why we think this university is amazing, and whether or not it is the place for you – we look forward to helping you make your decisions!

You have no idea how much stress that information has relieved! … It has honestly made the world of a difference. I wouldn't have even considered applying to Cambridge, but now I definitely will apply!”

Sixth-form recipient of Target visit

I can vouch for the tremendous impact these initiatives have. It was a CUSU target scheme that filled me with not only the excitement and aspiration to apply, but also the confidence that I would be welcome to.

Natasha, current undergraduate